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They do seem very happy together though. Orlando always had the nicest things to say about Katy. He loves spending time with her. They will continue to see each other when their schedules allow it. If you have opted in for our browser push notifications, and you would like to opt-out, please refer to the following instructions depending on your device and browser. For turning notifications on or off on Google Chrome and Android click here , for Firefox click here , for Safari click here and for Microsoft's Edge click here.

We wish we could have seen that happen.

Orlando Bloom reveals he wants more kids after Katy Perry reunion

Even in pictures taken that night, the two look like they really hit it off. Most couples end up having one or more nicknames for each other. Well, it seems like Katy Perry has no qualms about sharing her cutesy name for her maybe-lover Orlando Bloom, as she effused over him at a recent gig in Japan. Performing in front of thousands of fans for the Witness World Tour taking place in the Saitama Super Arena, it seemed like Perry dedicated one of her songs to her on-again love-interest.

She told the crowd: This feeling of love. Speculation over this pet name being in reference to Orlando Bloom was supported by the fact that Perry had previously been spotted wearing a bracelet, said to be a gift from Bloom, with this word on it.

While Bloom and Perry were still an official couple back in , the two took a vacation to Italy and were snapped by the paparazzi enjoying a very good time together on the beach. However, while we might have taken Orlando for a potential naturist, it seems that the actor had no idea that he was being stalked by the paps that day. Speaking to Elle UK , Bloom admitted that the whole thing came as a huge shock to him: I have a good radar,' he admitted.


Katy Perry Accidentally Let It Slip That She's Dating Orlando Bloom ... Again

There was no way anyone could get anything. So I had a moment of feeling free. Clearly Bloom will think twice before feeling that free again on vacation again. Since reportedly getting back together, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have been keeping any news related to their relationship pretty quiet. Both Perry and Bloom are contentedly busy at the moment working on their own projects, but since the rumor mill started turning again over their getting back together, the two have been spotted vacationing together and hanging out casually with one another.

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Until then, we can all imagine those chiseled cheek-raven haired babies they might someday have. While most of us settle for going to dinner or catching a movie with a date, clearly these normal activities are just a little too everyday for Perry and Bloom. The two were recently photographed together meeting none other than the Pope himself during a recent visit to Rome.

A divine presence and a trip to Rome? Sounds pretty great indeed, Katy. The two have been snapped in all sorts of wacky and fun costumes over the course of their relationship and friendship, and it seems like shedding off the banality of reality is their go-to passtime.

Katy Perry wowed everyone with her uncanny Hillary Clinton costume, donning a red pantsuit and prosthetic makeup in order to get the presidential candidate just right.

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While many at first thought that the Bill Clinton who stood next to her was Orlando, it turns out that Bloom was actually the orange-haired, clown-looking Trump behind the Clintons in the photos. Aside from making political statements with their dress-up activities, Perry and Bloom were also spotted recently wearing Mario and Luigi costumes and riding go-karts while in Tokyo, Japan together.

Clearly great genes run in his family, as anyone would be hard pressed to believe that our favorite elf is over the 40 mark. From the pictures that came out of the birthday bash, it looks like a great time was had by all.

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A lot of pictures of both Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom show them in the company, together and individually, with their furry best friends, their trusted pups. They are two of the cutest dogs around, and clearly very photogenic puppies. Next time you see Bloom with a pup, spare a thought for Mighty and let him get some of that limelight Nugget is clearly unwittingly stealing.

The clip in question shows Perry catching the bridal bouquet at a wedding and running away in panic. The clip is followed with the caption: Meanwhile, Orlando took to Instagram, commenting on the clip: Aside from the trips Perry and Bloom have taken together while being an official couple, the duo have also been snapped vacationing together post-breakup.

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Clearly Perry and Bloom have a great friendship outside of the romance they shared, as this type of amicable vacationing with someone you once considered your partner is highly unusual. As noted above, the two were recently in Rome together where they met the Pope, and they were in Tokyo, Japan as well in March of this year. Earlier in , they were spotted hanging around Prague together and in January they took a trip to the Maldives.

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In the pictures, the two look very close and friendly, and could be mistaken as either friends or lovers.