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And what the hell about REED too?! I liked the australian guy! This show is turning into a kid soap opera. I am used to actor changes on those shows!

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We like the original Marina, Really do not enjoy the new one at all. So hard to watch. Seems like the show is starting to sway away from preschoolers. My five and three years actually noticed the difference in Marina and were very upset. Marina was the oldest favorite and she will be missed, I to miss the orginal Reid and agree the new one is a bit creepy. I think I might take those rumors with a grain of skepticism. People in the industry blow things out of proportion because a scandal is more interesting than the boring reality.

She was so stiff when she danced! FYI — The original Reed Hadley Fraser left the show so he could pursue his professional stage acting career in London where he got his start. It seems silly, but I could tell that there was some kind of tension between the 2 girls. She may be awkward on the dance floor, but she was more likable than Kiki.

Kiki seemed to be a show-off remember the opera episode??? OMG, I am so glad I am not the only one who misses the old Reid…the new Reid seems cheesy and is just put into scenes for no good reason great agent? The old Reid was laid back and had a quiet fun charm.

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They did this with Blues Clues and other shows—I mean come on…what a shocker for the little ones. The old Marina was cuter and more talented. They should replace the two girls on this show NOW but do it like other Moms pointed out gradually, with a story behind. Marina was my absolute Favorite!!!!

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My kids have turned the show off cause she is not there. Changing characters never works. Wow some of the comments on here are just wrong. None of the characters on this show look 30 or I have not seen the new one yet, but I am really shocked at what some of these comments say.


The whole family can still dance and sing together with the fresh beat band… whatever combination of people it is! This is why these blogs are for, to express ourselves. This is really childish. Everyone has the right to an opinion and this blog is supposed to be just for fun. I think I was more distraught by the change than my kids were. If only I were as resilient as my kids! My four yr old looves the fresh beat band and instantly noticed that the original Marina was gone! I loved the original Marinas voice!

Will the new one ever sing? Or just sing a-long and dance? Overall its a great show! I agree that they should have played off the actress change by creating a story about Marina leaving and her sister or cousin stepping in to take her place. I like the new songs, dances, and outfits, however. And I like the new Reid. Marina was always my secret favorite though and I will miss seeing her on the show.

That is what happens when you get in the spotlight. Kiki is irritating and seems self-absorbed and new Marina has a HUGE mouth and looks way to old to be on a kids show. At least old Marina was pretty and talented. How can my children relate to characters who appear to be in their 40s. We will miss Shout and Twist though.

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I was just googling this and found your page. I miss the original Marina. My hubby likes them too. He even asked me to check out where we can see them live! Thanks for stopping by Heather. It was nice meeting you recently! K i was watching tv with my sister nd they did a commerical about the fresh beat band season 3 so i noticed marina looks different nd tht her hair is way darker i told my lil sis they must of changed her i kept searching nd i found old marinas getting married they should the old marina back cuz the neww ones not wowing me and also the say give new things a try but i dnt.

You know what the best part of this show is, its when its over. I only switched to Nick cause I couldnt take the sprout channel anymore, and my daughter loves Dora and Backyardigans. Funny I was able to pick out that it was not the original marina right away on the trailer. Whatever, kids will still watch it. Please get rid of peppa pig and little bill.

Lord are they horrible.

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Ive checked serveral websites and apparently she left to get married and persue other opportunities. If I was almost 30 I wouldnt want to be on Nick Jr either. I like the new Marina and some of these comments are just caddy rumors. If you are a parent set a good example and act like one…. So… first I noticed the new start up song… which in itself is just not as peppy as the original. My 3 year old had the whole dance down!!! I agree that they should have phased out the old marina and brought the new girl in with a different name, etc. They seemed to have gotten new song writers and choreographers much needed if you ask me!

Not sure about the rumors behind the scenes. There i said it. She was my type, so there. My wife knows it, and loves to razz me about it.

My daughter 4yrs noticed the Marina change right away. She was rather confused by it and does not seem to like her much at all!! Her and I both would much rather see the original Marina back.

Fresh Beat Band - Rock Star - Aubrey Miller as Jr. Kiki

I personally think that the new Marina will bring the Fresh Beats to an end! Shayna Rose is a soap actress before she even started on the Fresh Beat Band.

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She has very good acting ablitis and I could tell she would have not stayed. She was on Days of Our lives as the original Stefanie. I think she wants to do other kind of acting. If you speak badly about strangers on tv, imagine what you say to people you actually know! How old are some of you parents? I enjoyed the 1st Marina and was used to her.

Is Kiki From fresh beat band wearing a wig

The hair is very different in color! At least try to match the collor. She was awkward, but also very like-able. Sure she was a bit stiff when she danced but she was cute and could sing. So I guess my new favorite will be Shout, Twist is another one that makes me laugh with his awkward dancing. Are OK I guess but the girls are supposed to be the stars. My 3 year old hates the change and refuses to watch with the family.

Changing families in both good or bad ways. Who is your favorite Marina? A Visit to the North Carolina Zoo — Ways to Encourage Creative Play March 19, Marina was my fav too. She will be missed.